Spring Bridal Show Prep

625410_10151345414595770_443306335_n-1Today is the Spring Bridal Show at the Madonna Inn Expo Center- come say hi to us and check out our booth!! (we have yummy food out- pretty tempting huh?)

So wonder what the prep for this show has been and what the weeks leading up to this has looked like? Here are some sneak peeks, we will be sure to show you more of the finished product coming soon! (or you can some see at the fair in person)

IMG_4282We used some old baseboards our friend Daniel (shout out- thanks!!) gave us from a construction site. They were already this awesome teal and blue that were peeling and antique looking. When I saw them I knew we could use them to frame our  “Zest it Up” sign 🙂
IMG_4281 Next came all the details coming together to fit into the puzzle, from picking flowers and vessels to how are we going to stage the food (hence the wine barrel) to displaying our awesome paper wedding dress (thank you Craigslist for the creepy mannequin). Lots and lots of details and hard work. IMG_4280And as if our weekend wasn’t crazy enough, we managed to cater a 130 person luncheon yesterday, attend my husbands Fire Academy Graduation, and our dear friends (shout out to Matt & Megan who are ANGELS) started the set up of the booth….

IMG_4279Just wait until we get our hands on it for all the finishing touches!!

Phew- we are busy zestin’ this week but so excited for all the events and growth occurring in our baby business. We hope you enjoy watching it grow and going along for the ride. As always thanks for zestin’!


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