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Trendy Tuesday:

With the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio “Gatsby” in 2013, the glamorous and decadent style of the roaring 20’s made a huge splash in fashion, jewelry and event planning.  Suddenly, pearls and feathers were all the rage.  Brides who would have been tempted by the simple lines that were made trendy by designers such as Calvin Klein, were finding themselves drawn to intricate beading and luscious lace detailing.  Honestly, the 20’s were gorgeous and enticing and the movie was a beautiful visual tribute to an aesthetic that can easily mesmerize.

In 2015, a whooping 2 years later, people are still drawn to the roaring 20’s.  The difference?  It is a skosh less about the glamour, and a tad bit more about the forbidden fruit.  With the 18th Amendment came the Prohibition, with the Prohibition came the trend towards drink and frivolous partying.  Obviously, drink is legal today.  However, the fun of the Speakeasy spirit has so many of us begging to throw a bash…gangster style!

Since Sam and I are getting ready to throw a speakeasy bash for some of our clients, we figured that this trend deserved a spotlight.  So, here is some of our inspiration as we get ready.  We hope you have fun with this, and maybe even use it as an excuse to pull some friends together to celebrate and have a blast (even without a reason)!  Besides, who wouldn’t want to channel their inner Ms. Hannigan as she mixes her bathtub gin (“Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I’m swimmin’ in ‘Little Girls’!”)


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