Soothing DIY Wooden Baby Teethers with Coconut Oil and Lavender

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If you have been snooping on Instagram, you may see that I am finally a proud auntie to a tiny little nephew.  I exaggerate when I say little, the bruiser was actually 9lbs 4oz and my sister was a total champ!!

Since essential oils are all the rage, and I firmly believe in their healing and soothing properties, I wanted to figure out a way to bless my baby nephew with some of those benefits safely.  I don’t know if you have scoped out some of the recent baby trends, but I personally love the movement towards natural products and toys.  I found these uber cool wooden teethers in a local shop, but they were charging about $12 for each one.  Of course, my response was, “hey, I could make that!”  Not only make it, but make it better by using lavender oil to soothe baby’s gums when they are painful and uncomfortable.  That seemed like a win-win to me….and then I discovered that I could buy a pack of 5 cabone rings at Michael’s for just over $1.  Now it was a win-win-win project!!  So, I kept $10 out of the $12 it was going to cost me to buy a teether in the store, and I rocked some pretty cute creations.  Check it out!

baby teething rings_0000Supplies

1 package of wooden cabone rings

1/4 cup of coconut oil

10 drops of high quality lavender oil

ribbon in assorted colors
baby teething rings_0001Start by liquifying your coconut oil.  If the weather is toasty, you may be skipping this step…but the days are a bit chilly still and my coconut oil is rock solid!  No biggie, just zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds or teething rings_0002Add several drops of the lavender oil (approximately 10).

Now, it is time to soak the cabone rings.  I wanted the oils to really penetrate the wood, so I left them for about 15 teething rings_0003When they are done soaking, use a paper towel to clean up the excess oil from the surface.  The smell is AH-Mazing!  Coconut and lavender are so ridiculous together…is it bad that I want to put this in my mouth?baby teething rings_0004Now cut some ribbon lengths and knot them in teething rings_0005baby teething rings_0006baby teething rings_0007Obviously, I didn’t want the ribbons to be too long, so I trimmed them up once they were in teething rings_0008Now for an old ballet trick, using a lighter, gently melt the ends of the ribbon so that they do not teething rings_0009Honestly, you can have so much fun with all the different ribbons out there!  I love this monkey ribbon for my nephew and his cool rain forest nursery!baby teething rings_0010Basically, have fun with the ribbon.  I thought braiding some cotton ribbon would give some great texture for teething, as well!baby teething rings_0011baby teething rings_0012I hope this inspires you to get crafting for the babies in your life!  Hopefully these will help soothe future tears!



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