Side of the road gem re-purposed

Thrifty Thursday

While out and about the other day I noticed this cabinet on the side of the road. After driving by multiple times I decided to listen to the little voice in my head saying “pull over!!” Oh am I so happy that I did!! I was intrigued by this piece because of the design and size, but then when I got closer and saw that it was a sound system I was shocked!! I figured that if the system didn’t work (which I assumed is probably why it was on the side of the road) that I would gut it and use the piece for storage. Hours later I found Billy hooking up the system and bumping some sweet tunes- it actually works!! And boy is it loud, whoop whoop! Now just to make it cute…

grey_furniture_restoration_1066look at that side of the road score!!

grey_furniture_restoration_1067boy was it a beast to load, but so worth it!

grey_furniture_restoration_1068I started by sanding, even though I know it’s not really wood I wanted to paint to have something to grab and stick to so I busted out the sander and some liquid sander for those hard to get cracks

grey_furniture_restoration_1069Then I removed the hardware and stopped over at World Market to get some super cute new knobs, they have quite the selection here and all for a great price!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime to start our primer

grey_furniture_restoration_1064Then onto the grey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd lastly some furniture wax for that great smooth finish

Ready to install your hardware and bump the tunes??
grey_furniture_restoration_1070OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is the set up inside- complete with radio, an 8 track and a record player- whoop whoop time to bump the tunes and party!!




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  1. I absolutely love what you did to your “roadside” find. It looks fabulous, but I think you should carefully paint the wood on the speaker panels. The way it is now looks like a “repaint.” If you painted the wood I feel it would just be more cohesive. It’s a great looking piece. Good job.

    Carol P-K

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      thanks carol! I know i was considering it, there is a lot of that wood color throughout my home so it kinda tied in nicely but definitely something i might consider next time I want a detailed project- gonna have to pull the inner perfectionist out in me! hahah thanks for stopping by!!

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      Aww thanks Tamera, we have heard some pretty amazing things about your home and zest- we will have to see pics one day!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, the count down!! šŸ™‚ xo

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