Seeking Soulmate Sock Organizer

Ok so definitely can’t take credit for this cutesy craft, but anything that involves organizing and barn wood- I am down! This is a fun way to “zest” up your laundry room, not only will it offer decor but functionality because after all- we all know there is a sock monster secretly lurking in the deeps of your washing and drying machine. Every once in a awhile we are happy to discover a missing sock, and when we do- we now know where to go seeking for it’s partner!



Step one: get some wood! Mine was about 10″ long, you can make whatever length you have room for!


Drill two holes into both top corners so you will be able to hang wood later…


Gorilla glue clothes pins along wood edge- a little goes a long way with this glue! (remember gorilla glue expands so less is more and CLEANER)

You can use chalk to stencil out your words, or just go for it! I wrote “seeking soulmate” get it- ha would be cute to write “sole-mate” too 🙂
and drummmmmmm rollllll…..




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