Seasonal Sunday: Native Sons Wholesale Nursery

Oh, glorious spring and sunny days! In between a site visit and client meetings, Sam and I found ourselves intoxicated by the sunshine.  You know, one of those days that just beckons you to get outside and explore.  With windows rolled way down, we were cruisin’ and listening to jams as we laughed at eachother’s stories.  Awesome girl-time! All of a sudden, Sam got a great idea….we were minutes away from one of her old professor’s growing grounds.  Native Sons is a wholesale growers here on the Central Coast, a real local treasure.  If you shop the local Ace, you should be acquainted with the healthy, beautiful plants from these native growers.  Just lovely. So, we made a quick detour, of course!IMG_9436IMG_9446We were mesmerized by all the beautiful plants and all the potential ideas for our own gardens.  Perhaps a tour will inspire YOU!!! IMG_9451IMG_9456IMG_9455IMG_9449IMG_9450IMG_9453 Can you believe how tiny these poppies are?  They are so magically elfin! IMG_9440IMG_9441IMG_9442IMG_9445IMG_9443IMG_9439IMG_9438IMG_9437IMG_9444IMG_9452Our spring wishlist has grown considerably.  If you are looking for ideas, our a stroll amidst gorgeousness….hit up Native Sons’ growing grounds.  Or, run over to Ace and grab some springtime inspiration with some of their fab plants! Happy spring! xoxo Chanda

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