Seasonal Sunday: Flower Power with DIY Rose Water

First off let me start by saying, Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope that your day was filled with joy and many smiles. Although I am not an “official” mommy yet I am now snuggling up to my two furry children (aka my mini doxie & black lab), so happy moFUR’s day to all you fur mommies out there too. As we dive into spring I can’t help but enjoy all the beautiful pops of color in the flowers all around. As you might remember we have had some fun with using flowers in culinary projects like our lavender simple syrup and our nasturtium inspired salad. I was especially excited when I saw Sugar and Charm’s little info graphic on the edible flowers you can find growing in your backyard!


I thought it would be fun to put all the flowers blooming in my yard to use for this seasonal sunday…


How to make Rose Water….

First off, why would you want to make rose water??

Rose water was first made by chemists in the Islamic Golden Age and often was used as a beverage or perfume. Today it’s most commonly used for body spray, skin toner, or culinary use. Wouldn’t it be the perfect addition to some lemonade? Spritz yourself on the way out the door or even make a cute perfume bottle as a gift!

Benefits of Rose Water:

  • Skin toner & moisturizer
  • perfume
  • Natural anti-inflammatory for irritated skin
  • It’s a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt in clogged pores
  • Pour some in your bath for a natural de-stresser that makes you sleep better
  • Use in many culinary recipes (lollipops, pudding, whipped cream, shortbread, etc.)

P1011471First pick your rose petals

P1011478Maya was my little buddy while I was picking, I filled a small pot with petals- mmmmm smells sooo good!

P1011475Next you will want to rinse to get rid of little critters like this one

P1011491P1011492After rinsing fill with distilled water to cover the petals just enough

P1011493Let boil for 15 minutes or so

P1011497P1011506P1011507Once your petals begin to lose color you know you are there!

P1011509Now it’s time to strain the petals

P1011511I felt like the first strainer I used wasn’t getting all the small remnants so I went down a size smaller…

P1011512Time to bottle up your creation!

P1011515roseAnd there you have it! Be sure to store in fridge or a cool place and let the benefits of rose water begin!




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