Seasonal Sunday: DIY Kitchen towels

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend, I know I am enjoying this spring season!! I got to do a little gardening today- oh happy day! I always loved getting the chance to garden with my momma, I would have to say she definitely has more of the green thumb though 🙂  As we are a week out from Mother’s day I thought it would be perfect timing to inspire some DIY mother’s day gifts! Now thinking of my mom- not only does she love gardening but cooking as well. Ya I am not sure if I have ever met a woman with so many kitchen gadgets- she has some nifty tool for everything!! (Which came in very handy when I was registering for my wedding, she walked around the store aisles showing me all the kitchen gadgets and more!) So with my mom- kitchen towels seem very fitting. But this tutorial would be adorable for bath hand towels or even a little pampering kit for your momma. Let the zestin’ begin….


flour sack towels, you can get these pretty cheap in packs at Target

fabric paint & sponge brush with stencil


sharpie and print out to trace


IMG_0567Got all your supplies?? There are two routes you can take with this project- painting or sharpie, let me show you both 🙂

IMG_0568First iron your towels…

IMG_0569We will do the painted towel first, grab a magazine or cardboard and place behind the towel so the paint won’t bleed through the towel.

IMG_0570Grab a stencil or even go free hand!


Now let that towel dry and in the mean time let me show you another option- sharpie! This might be a good option if you are better with drawing or have a more detailed graphic for your towel. I can say that as you wash the towel the sharpie will fade a bit- but I kinda like the look of that  🙂

The sharpie works great for lettering so go find your favorite quote! I saw this cute one over at – too fun!


I also loved these fun towels with a  play on some classic songs & a kitchen twist, tee hee (by addicted to diy)


So after you print out and format your quote on a word document, simply place under the towel (it will be a little see through-yay!). Begin tracing!


Now back to the painted one, gotta add a little more charm to it

IMG_0583IMG_0586IMG_0587IMG_0582IMG_0584Didn’t they turn out sooo fun!? I don’t really want to wipe my dirty hands on them and ruin them-hahah! Hope you get to spoil your momma next week, xox



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