Seasonal Sunday: A Valentines card spool

I was at Target today and was quickly reminded that Valentines is this upcoming week- yep there is no way of avoiding the bright pink hearts, endless chocolate piles, and hundreds of red cards! As I perused the cards I couldn’t really help but think- hmm these are boring! I quickly remembered a fun craft I saw while on a bridesmaid trip down in Santa Barbara last year, thought it would make for a great Valentines or just “for fun” note. Check it out!


  • Wooden spool (from Micahels)
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • 12″ or so of a light colored fabric
  • Stamp letters & ink pad


Start off by cutting your fabric strip…be sure to make it about the width of the spool…and as long as you like!


Next unwrap your spool if you have thread on it…


Hot glue one side of the strip with the “good side” facing  out…then stamp our your love note letter by letter!

IMG_8724IMG_8725Isn’t that darling? Such a fun way to make an interactive card- you could make this for any occasion!!






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