Seaonal Sunday: Strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar-oh my!

Today was quite a seasonal sunday for me, I spent the day doing some spring cleaning, gardening, and grocery shopping! While I was out and about getting my groceries I couldn’t help but notice the ruby red strawberries glowing before me- yay for strawberry season arriving!! So with that, today we pull out a great easy go to trick for when you have some last minute guests or even need dessert in a pinch. Meet the strawberry, sour cream, and brown sugar creation. Now this is one that I grew up munching on, so forgive me if you did as well- but for those of you who seem to be scratching your head at this combo, I dare ya!


  • basket of strawberries
  • small tub of sour cream
  • 1 box of brown sugar

Directions, let me show you…..

2Got all your supplies??

IMG_9997First dunk your strawberry in the sour cream

IMG_9999Next roll the strawberry around in the brown sugar

1And consume, yep it’s that easy and SO tasty!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely sunday




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