Savouring Saturday: Yogurt Brittle

As summer is here and already saying “hello” I am sure it’s greeting you with a few things…heat being one of them!! But when you are trying to eat a little healthier this is not always the easiest. Let’s face it all the yummy cold things are not the best for that 6 pack I know you have been working so hard on (bah!). Ice Cream? Margaritas? Sno Cone? Otter Pops? The list could go onnnnnnn. Until you try this yummy recipe that is!! I was inspired by frozen yogurt- my favorite treat!! But if you know me well you know I like any food with a good “crunch.” SO here is my new creation of “yogurt brittle”

One of the best part’s about this recipe is that “anything goes”- making it an easy kid friendly creation in the kitchen….


  • 32 oz yogurt (i used vanilla- choose any flavor though)
  • Toppings!! (this is where anything goes!! peanuts, almonds, pistachios, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips,M&M’s, fruit, etc.)



P1010763Look at all those gorgeous toppings!! So many endless creative combos!!

P1010764Spread out the yogurt on a cookie sheet lines with wax paper with a spatula…

P1010765All spread out?


P1010766Now sprinkle those toppings on!! You can divide up the sheet in “zones” or just go crazy like I did- tee hee


Pop that sheet in the freezer! I let mine sit overnight….


Then peel back the wax paper and break off a piece of that!!

YUM! Watch out it will melt in your hand if you don’t eat it fast enough, nom nom




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