Savouring Saturday: Green Lightening Shrimp

The skies on the Central Coast have been super gorgeous this past week.  I have been snatching every opportunity to pack a lunch and get out onto a mountain top with the family.  The hiking has been sublime!


But, now I find myself hankering for the sea.  I am so blessed to living where I can get a fix of all the ladscapes that I crave.  It’s like the habitational equivalent to a chocolate covered pretzel or kettle corn…..completely addictive!  Salty n’ sweet at the same time.  I guess that is why San Luis Obispo has been named the “happiest place” to live!


Part of the pull of the ocean for me is breathing in the fresh salt air, soaking up the sun and the sounds of the surf, scanning the tide pools and the horizon for marine life, and, well….just being.  The beaches here are so dramatic and gorgeous and the hikes are divine!  But, honestly, one of magical things about being at the coast is seafood!!  After all, you’ve gotta savour the the coastal experience with all of your senses…then it feels like a mini-break of sorts.

Sam and I decided to satisfy our hankering for seafood with a recipe that we came across on Pinterest a while back (thanks to….and both of us haven’t been able to get out of our minds.  So, for your gastronomic pleasure and a taste of sea, we wanted to share with you the fabulousness that is Green Lightening Shrimp!

IMG_8013Obviously, this Green Lightening is gonna be green!

IMG_8016First, roughly chop up 4-8 jalapenos.  I largely removed the seeds….but next time I will be leaving half of them because I hate it when I fully expect some heat and I get zero!

IMG_8018Next, roughly chop a bunch of scallions and tear a bunch of cilantro.  Throw them into a processor with your jalapenos.

IMG_8015Add a 1/2 cup of lime juice and a 1/2 cup of olive oil.  Season with 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 5 cloves of garlic and 1 teaspoon of black pepper.

IMG_8019Whirled away, it looks gorgeous.  The perfect marinade for 2 1/2 pounds of shrimp.

IMG_8020Make sure that you use raw shrimp!  Muoy importante here.  If you try to use cooked shrimp, the lime juice will start to rubberize them and then eventually turn them super tough (or worse…mushy).  Sam and I simply peeled the shells off of these guys, but left the tails intact….just because I couldn’t find any peeled raw shrimp at the store….but I know that Costco does carry them already peeled.IMG_8021Let them marinate for 30 minutes (any longer and the lime will start to cook you a ceviche).  After 30 minutes of marinating, it was time for skewering and the grill.

IMG_8022IMG_8023IMG_8024IMG_8029Time for the quick sauce of melted butter, cilantro and garlic!  Yup, that’s a whole stick!  Plus one bunch of chopped cilantro and two garlic cloves.

IMG_8026Just pour it over the cooked shrimp before serving.


In an attempt to reclaim some sort of healthy factor to this dish, Sam and I served it over brown rice for lunch…..but it would make a killer appetizer, too.

IMG_8034IMG_8036So, I’m not going to calorie count!  I am just enjoying the scrumptious delectability of this killer seafood dish.  Oh geeze, absolutely heavenly.  This coastal girl is well sated!  Yum!  Now for a hike! 😉



green lightening shrimp

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