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Hello zesters! For today’s “what’s up” Wednesday we thought it would be fun to share some pics from our recent trip. In case you have been out of the loop chanda panda and her family did a classic family road trip while my hubby and I flew to the east coast for a “city” inspired trip. We both had an amazing time of exploring, family time, and relaxation. After all every zester needs a time to rejuvenate after plowing through a busy wedding season! We are excited to be back and zesting for some fabulous weddings this month- but first let us show you some of our adventures! Since we have SO many photos (we are not visual at all, I don’t know what you are talking about??) We will show my trip today and Chanda’s next week.

First stop, Boston!

Billy’s dad used to play ball for the Angels so it only seemed fitting to get some good old american ball into our trip, his dad surprised us with tickets to Fenway and it was awesome!! I loved seeing all the classic history of Fenway and I always love me a good hotdog, baseball cap and some wave action 🙂


We spent the next 4 days exploring all the amazing parks and historic buildings that are sprinkled all throughout the city…


And it wouldn’t be a trip to the east coast without making a Dunkin’ Donuts stop. AH!! I was in shock that there was literally one on every corner- cray cray!


And this pic is for Chanda my little graveyard lover (she is not weird at all- bahahah!)


The classic Quincy Market, we saw some awesome street performers who actually jumped over me! Check out the slo-mo video on instagram!


We celebrated the 4th of July in Boston, yep. Epic!!


The beautiful Boston harbor….

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And this country girl needed to see some gardens too! Loved the quaint community gardens throughout the city.



Welcome to New York

(I’ve been waiting for you)


Once again we loved exploring the city and all the unique art, parks, and architecture.


I fell in love with a market area called “Eataly.” Seriously the best Italian market I have ever seen (keep in mind I have not been to Italy, lol)


Oh and their Home Depot- so classy!!


Meet Chelsea Market, and amazing underground market that screams hipster.


I loved learning all about the Highline project in my landscape architecture classes so I was super excited when we have the chance to go walk the highland in person. Basically it’s an old rail road track above city streets that was turned into a park. SO beautiful and innovative!


Billy actually kept a surprise and we went to Finding Neverland for our 4 year wedding anniversary, it was amazing and I highly recommend it!!


The 9/11 Memorial was so moving and beautifully designed….



The Italian gal in me had to get a cannoli!!


After walking all around the city for 8 miles the day before, biking central park sounded like a fabulous idea.


We had a great time getting some nature in all the while seeing famous hot spots like the John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields and taking a stop at Tavern on the Green for a glass of vino!




Hello Philadelphia


One of our favorite date nights turned out to be pretty exciting when we received flash flood warnings and the power went out! We ate a delicious Israeli inspired meal all in the dark, it was pretty cool ambiance believe it or not! Making memories 🙂


I absolutely fell in love with the SSHP Park in Philly. They really had it all! Games for the kids, hammocks and an amazing view of the harbor to one side and the city scape to the other.


This design was genius as well! We could lounge above the harbor on these awesome nets!!


And it wouldn’t be a trip to Philly without a legit Philly Cheese steak sammy! Yum!


A common thread the entire trip was good food. There were some pretty legit MMMmondays- no joke. Billy and I challenged ourselves to try new types of cuisines. This little gem, Cuba Libre, was an amazing Cuban inspired experience- complete with salsa dancing after dinner!


Next stop, Washington DC

We just had to be that couple and prance around town looking like full on tourists. dorks!


We loved our amazing little historic B & B, the Swann House. They were so friendly and personable and spoiled us with a delicious homemade breakfast every morning. It was so charming!!



We hit up the infamous Dupont circle and I kept to my usual tradition- if I see a fountain I try to jump in it 🙂

(it’s a thing me and Tera have, tee hee)


We did A LOT of walking on this trip, which is awesome because we also did A LOT of eating, but on that note we were ready to do something other thank walking…kayaking!! Billy had a great idea to kayak the Potomac river, we got to see the Washington and Lincoln Memorial from a whole new view!


On our last night we explored the Lincoln Memorial, White House and Washington Memorial a little closer….


But after quite some time away we still managed to find ourselves missing home and our pups-we even ended up going across the street from our hotel to a dog park to get some pups love. What can I say there is no place like home 🙂


Thanks for traveling along the coast with our pics, be sure to check our Chanda’s trip next week!


Sam (& Billy)

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