Roaring 20’s Fireman’s Ball

It’s the moment some of you have been anxiously waiting for (we know because we have received many inquiries about the night-haha)….drumm rollll…. the fireman’s ball reveal! Before I get into the “how to’s” and throw a bunch of lush pics at ya- the event was a hit! Many people raged about how it was the best fireman’s ball yet- complete with a red carpet, silent auction, live auction, four course meal, dancing and a photo booth- it was a great success!! The purpose of the ball is to fundraise funds for burned victims (children) to go to camp for a week. And not to mention to bring the community together and have a great night! Thanks to all who helped make this night such a hit!

Ready to get the before the party- behind the scene tour on the leg work it took to make this such a smashing night?!?!

First step- to assemble 11 4 ft tall chandeliers that were donated from a Fireman to use and make the scence sooooooo lush! These were also for sale to help raise money for burn camp for kids.

All done stringing those gorgeous dripping diamonds! check!

In the mean time Billy was inflating (or shall I say inhaling) balloons with helium and serenading us to Usher with his chipmunk voice (yes my husband is a dork- gotta love him)

He did a great job though, especially after Juli and Chanda had worked in the zen of making all these tinsel streamers to attach.

Keeping the positive energy flowing as we work late into the night stringing tinsel and diamonds!

Next came arranging all the gorgeous flowers- very roaring 20’s with the rounded babys breath clusters and carnations. Don’t forget those hydrangeas…from Bellabloom

Ready for the grand entrance? We had to make a statement with our lush red carpet runner…

In the mean time the door entry was transforming as well….

Ok you ready for your walk thru wednesday of the fireman’s ball- you just saw lots of the prep- now for the eye candy lush scene…. welcome to the Carlton! Party is inside! 

This was once a sushi bar, now transformed into a live auction display!

We were all pretty impressed with the cake, especially Juli, can you tell?

And lets not forget the outfits! We handmade all the ladies head pieces (post coming soon!) and he men all looked so dashing in their suits. This was our amazing crew for the evening- we had so much fun (even amongst disassembling all those chandeliers-harhar) A BIG thank you from the zest it up gals!!

That’s a wrap! (or peel in this case- goofy boys!)

~ The Zest it Up girlzz

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