Recycled Light Bulb & Yarn Art

Hellllo Zesters!

Happy Saturday! I hope your week has been wonderful. It was the first week of school for us Cal Poly kids and I am happy to have the weekend to re-coop after the busy week. With school starting up the continued decorating of my apartment has for the most part been put on the back burner as I now approach a 22 unit quarter. I know i’m psycho, but hey gotta do what you gotta do. So in the midst of getting my schedule aligned I was able to take a break from my Women & Gender Studies class reading and complete another mini apartment project. For this weeks project I decided to make recycled light bulb & yarn art.

image_6 8.26.32 PM

image 8.26.32 PM

image_1 8.26.31 PM


image_4 8.26.32 PM


image_5 8.26.32 PM

My end goal is to have hundreds of bulbs and to be able to attach them to the ceiling light in my kitchen. I was only able to find 12 bulbs at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore (an awesome local home/construction thrift store), who price their lightbulbs at 25 cents each woohoo! Until my light bulb hoarding can advance this will have to do :). Have a great rest of your weekend.




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  1. cute idea, Kristi! I can envision this with your apartment in mind! I will look forward to seeing it next time I visit
    😀 love, M.I.L

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