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cactus dish_0017

Cactus (Nápoles) Relleno

Savouring Saturday This morning I am (possibly) challenging you to get a little adventurous with your greens!  Some of you may be giggling right about now, because you are all, ...
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homemade cheat caesar dressing_0020

Caesar Salad Appetizers in Parmesan Crisp/Frico Cones

Savouring Saturday So, last week I showed y'all a quick Caesar salad dressing that is addicting.  Today, why not crank it up a notch by playing with crisped parmesan.  Have ...
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brussel sprout breakfast_0006

Brussel Sprout & Feta Scrambled Eggs

Savouring Saturday Good morning, you lovelies.  Rise and shine on this glorious Saturday.  Today's post is kind of a scramble...both figuratively and literally.  Here's the story: one of our sweet ...
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Zuppa Toscana Crock Pot Soup

Savoring Saturday I don't know about you guys but all this rain has got me craving soup! I just love soup. I love that there are so many flavor combos ...
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DIY Olive Oil Flavor Bombs

Thrifty Thursday As we are in the winter months and finding it a bit more difficult to grow fresh herbs (oh hello frost?) here is a handy trick to have ...
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