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DIY Olive Oil Flavor Bombs

Thrifty Thursday As we are in the winter months and finding it a bit more difficult to grow fresh herbs (oh hello frost?) here is a handy trick to have ...
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German Rotkohl, red cabbage and apples

Mmmmonday Brr this cold weather has got me wanting to eat any and everything warm- the only problem is usually that doesn't involve too many veggies. Here is a simple ...
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Healthy Eats for 2017

Seasonal Sunday Happy New Years everyone! So afterall of that holiday food how does this bountiful bowl of greens  sound right about now? Here's a throw back to one of ...
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Maple Glazed Pancetta & Sweet Potato Skewers

Savouring Saturday I love playing around with the traditional flavors of the season.  Yes, the traditional dishes of the Thanksgiving table are ones that many of us look forward to ...
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Roasted Delicata Squash with Chèvre & Fresh Sage

Savouring Saturday We have sung our songs about autumn and sweater season over here in California.  Waxing nostalgic for scarves and boots for sure, especially since the weather has popped ...
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