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Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes with Peaches & Almonds

Savouring Saturday Alright, I confess, it is a tad early for peach season here in California...but I could not resist reposting this recipe now that the days are longer and ...
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BBQ Octopus_0320

BBQ Octopus

Savouring Saturday I'm sure that you have heard that the Mediterranean diet is an incredible way to eat.  It is wonderful for your heart and body overall.  As we all ...
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matcha tea_0003

Matcha Tea Whisk & Slowing Down

Meaningful Monday Today's post is a little less about my obsession with matcha tea than about the amazingly beautiful matcha whisks that are made from a single piece of bamboo ...
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Spinach almond milk_0004

Green Vanilla Almond Milk

Savoring Saturday We are officially in March which automatically makes me think GREEN! Especially with all the rain we have been getting hit with- the hills are SO green. I ...
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brussel sprout breakfast_0006

Brussel Sprout & Feta Scrambled Eggs

Savouring Saturday Good morning, you lovelies.  Rise and shine on this glorious Saturday.  Today's post is kind of a scramble...both figuratively and literally.  Here's the story: one of our sweet ...
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