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stuffed strawberries_0011

Grand Marnier Stuffed Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Trendy Tuesday Today I am hitting you with a delicious trend that we have seen popping up everywhere in the wedding world (did we ever mention that we are caterers ...
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waffle ice cream sandwiches_0005

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwhich

Savoring Saturday: With the temperature increasing, the flowers blooming, and walking into target and seeing bathing suit's – summer is just around the corner! I couldn't be more excited! Yes ...
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chocolate banana smoothie_0001

Chocolate, chia seed banana smoothie

Savoring Saturday I am a smoothie freak! Not only is it the fastest breakfast for this lady on the go- but I love that you can sneak your greens into ...
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matcha green donuts_0007

Matcha Baked Donuts With Matcha Glaze

Matcha Baked Donuts With Matcha Glaze  In preparation for St. Patricks day- aka all things GREEN, here is a fun recipe that will start (or end) your day with a ...
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Friday Finds

Friday Finds I'm coming at ya with some fabulous Friday finds that are making my heart skip a beat and jump with joy! From eye candy for your home to ...
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