Pumpkin Chips and Black Bean Dip

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It is officially the season for bags of candy to be lurking in the cupboard tempting kids and adults to binge on treats that create nostalgic tooth aches!

Hahaha, in earnest, I love this time of year.  Who does not like the annual decadence of a bowl of candy corn?  However, as a mom and a women nearing 40 (echem, shhhhhh), I have gotta keep things balanced!  So, I decided to play with some seasonal flavors that would balance out the occasional PSL from Starbucks LOL

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0000

The idea is simple, create some veggie chips and dip that would work for a snack or a party.  Why not a pumpkin chip?

However, I decided to play with some of my favorite year-round flavors, rather than reaching for any pie spices or sugar.  Basically, I wanted spices and ingredients that were full of nutritional value….but very snackable.  This combo is great for heart health and overall wellness.  And if you have not heard about Scout Olive Oil, it is a California produced olive oil that has been cold pressed to retain all those beautiful antioxidents and enzymes!

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0001


Pumpkin chips:

1 sugar pumpkin

1 tbls of cumin seeds

2 tsps tumeric

2 tsp paprika

a healthy drizzle of olive oil

salt for seasoning

Black bean dip:

1 can of black beans

3-4 chipotle chilies

(Disclaimer: here I used dried, but I think I would prefer canned with the addition of the smokey adobo sauce)

1 tbls of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp of cumin

a pinch of salt

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0002

If you have a dehydrator, props to you!  It would be the best technique.  However, I only had an oven to work with….so I prepped my pumpkin, got ready to slice it up thin, and Googled how to make veggie chips in an oven!

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0003pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0004

I could not resist saving those yummy seeds for another snack when the oven was done doing it’s work on the pumpkin flesh!

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0005

If you use dried chipotle chilies instead of the canned for your bean dip, then use this time to soak your chilies in hot water.

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0006pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0007pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0008pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0009

When making veggie chips (especially in the oven), the cut is super important.  You want them thin so that they dehydrate and crisp up…but not so thin that they burn.  (Note, you could also make these into baked pumpkin fries if you wanted…also a super yummy option).

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0010pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0011

Drizzle with olive oil and toss with all your spices.

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0012pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0013pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0014

Do not forget to season with salt and pepper.  Once they are all coated evenly, they are ready for a 250*F oven.

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0015

In a single layer on a lined baking sheet, they will cook in a 250*F oven for about 2 hours.  I know, not a quick snack…but if you want faster, then make them into fries and cook them at a higher temp.

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0016

For the dip, I kept it simple.  In a blender, combine the black beans, the chilies (plus all the adobo sauce if you are using canned chipotles), a pinch of salt, a tsp of cumin and 2 cloves of garlic.  Add a drizzle of olive oil and whirl away!  (Since this olive oil will not be cooked, it will retain all of it’s healthy properties…yay!)

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0017pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0018pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0019

Ok, it may be healthy….but Halloween is all about fun!  Make sure you get a bit cheeky with how you put this little snack out.

pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0020pumpkin chips and blackbean chipotle dip_0021

You can feel so good about this snack, that you might want to finish it off with a couple of candy corn 😉



Photo credit Anya McInroy Photography

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