October 1st Good Will Hunting.

Hello there Zesters!

Happy HUMP day! Today is the emptiest day of my week so I always try to sneak in a leisure pursuit of some sorts. Today I was able to wander into the local Good Will Outlet. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Good Will Outlet it basically is where reject or over-flow products go after they are deemed unworthy of the actual Good Will stores. To undercover hoarders, know as “thrifter’s”, it is heaven. I mean, they price textiles and clothing by the pound…and most miscellaneous objects such as frames, bottles, decor, and shoes are usually priced by an employee and are usually under a dollar. Like normal Good Will’s the Outlet can be pretty hit or miss, but today for whatever reason the store was filled with magical treasures. I wish I could have gotten a picture of my arms filled, I definitely will be bringing a bag or Cooper in the future to hold everything :). Keep in mind that I ONLY SPENT $11.oo! $11.00!


In the above picture is an incredible knitted blanket that now lives on my bed, a silk polka dot scarf, a button-up shirt for Cooper, assorted vases and jars, a tea pot stand, a gold cross with an engraved poem on it, 3 pairs of suspenders, and a patched ‘merica tie. I AM SO HAPPY!

Some Close Up’s:


Yes…I bought 3 pairs of suspenders…at 5 cents each. Totally Worth It! Also, I have always wanted the groomsmen to wear mismatched suspenders at my wedding. So guy/Coop’s friends, these might be yours one day. Get excited.



The other beauty about everything being so cheap is that it allows for some serious creative experimentation. I bought this gold cross for the awesome poem on it but kind of hated that it was gold…So I ombre painted it with acrylic paint to give it added texture and then used a toothpick to re-carve out the poem.




I didn’t even notice until looking at this picture that I must have subconsciously painted the “still waters” haha. Oh, I also couldn’t find a toothpick so I used a pencil which wasn’t ideal (please ignore my stray pencil marks).


This is where it will live in my bedroom. Next to the original grumpy cat :).

Happy Hoarding 🙂



PS: Make sure you wash and sanitize all Good Will Outlet purchased items, and Good Will items for that matter, they usually are not washed post donation.

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