New Mom’s Tea

My kid’s school does one of the sweetest things…the returning mom’s throw a simple tea to welcome the new mother’s at the school each year.  I remember when I was one of those new mom’s and how much it meant to be welcomed and plugged into the community of my kid’s new school.
This year, I had the awesome privilege to help with decorating and making the new mom’s feel special.  I made sure to pack up the car the night before…knowing full well the mayhem that would ensue trying to gather everything in the morning while trying to feed and get three kids ready for school…no thank you!  I had it all together…until I drove the 25 minutes to school and realized that I had foolishly left a couple of boxes behind.  Solution: drive the 5 minutes to the Goodwill Outlet and rummage for some quick supplies.  Happily, I found a vintage picnic basket that I filled to the top with cute decor for a whopping $5…and I saved the gas and time of driving back and forth to my house.  Oh, and I had the added benefit of adding to my Zest it Up supplies!  Niiiiice!

Check out the results!

It turned out so sweet, and everyone had a blast!  New mom’s felt included, I hope, and the food was amazing.  Thanks to everyone pitching-in and loving on the new ladies!


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