My boho fix it purse

Find & Fix it Friday

Sometimes getting out the door can be a spaz moment for me, I forget to put deodorant on, don’t eat breakfast OR forget my dogs leash. Yep I forgot Maya’s leash. So I went all MacGyver and detached my purse strap to use as a leash- genius right?? Ehm just kidding. She chewed through it….

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0845boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0854SOOOO now to make a “find and fix it” out of her little chewing boo boo.

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0846My supplies of attack- feathers, beads, leather, safety pin and string…

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0851Step one- make a friendship bracelet for the that boho look and to add some color….

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0847Now you can wrap the feathers with the bracelet and hot glue away…

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0849boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0849Stab your broken purse trap…

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0850Bead it up for some more color and boho vibes…

boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0852boho_feather_vintage_purse_diy_0853And there you have it! Fixed and pretty darn cute- except not with this outfit- BAHAH sorry I was working the comfy work out clothes while crafting. I promise to show this baby off with a cuter outfit next week 🙂 tee hee



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