Mod Podge Mosaic Masterpiece!

Hey there Zesters!

We are so excited to introduce our latest greatest inter, Laura!! We will let her take the mic…..

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the environment, music, photography, art and the people that surround me.
I love being outside experiencing nature. I have found that I love being outdoors and need to experience as much backpacking, biking and hiking as possible! We live in a beautiful magnificent world and there is so much out there to see and inspire us all! With every decision I make, I am always trying to be as eco-friendly to the best of my ability. I am a big promoter on sustainable living!
Music is something that is holds both sentimental and inspirational value to me. I love this quote, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” I truly feel that music is a mental guide. It has helped to ease many difficult times in my life and also has inspired me to become the person I am today
I also love photography and art. I love to paint abstract things and use vibrant colors and listen to my favorite song. I have loved photography since I was a kid and I hope to bring photography into my career in the future!
Overall, I enjoy filling my mind with creative energy. It fills my soul and spirit! I hope to obtain a career that encompasses my main passions in life.
What dreams and aspirations do you have for the future?
I have a sincere passion for the environment and teaching others about what they can do to minimize they environmental impact. One day, I would love to work for a sustainable music festival. Another hope I have is to create my own sustainable event planning business which would have photography, catering and event planning in one package. Similar to Zest it Up! However, before all this entrepreneurial business planning happens…I want to travel the world and experience as many places as possible and take photographs along the way. Maybe even have my own photography blog as I travel! I want to GET OUT THERE AND LIVE IT UP!
What excites you most about Zest it Up?
I love the creativity and determination behind this company. I also love the variety of work that this company is dedicated to. It is wonderful to always have something different to do and learning the various aspects that this company entails. I also love the people I am working with in this company. All of the girls are wonderful inspiring people. It always makes the work go by faster when you enjoy the people you work with. I am looking forward to contributing to this company.
Favorite bite?
I am gluten free and dairy free! So one of my favorite foods..meat, veggies, nuts, fruit! You could say I have a Paleolithic diet. I also love dessert. To get more specific, cookies. I have a cookie problem! Chocolate-chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanutbutter…you  name it, I eat it! If its gluten/dairy free of course! You could say I have a minor sweet tooth… My advice for you? Eat dessert first!

I am thrilled to get started and to finally get started on this blog! To start it off, I chose a Mod Podge project. Mod Podging is a simple, fun and quick way to get creative! A great project for those impatient crafters, like me! You can use this glaze in a variety projects such as collages, on furniture, and other surfaces…the projects are endless!




    • Mode Podge (can found at most craft stores)
    • Colored tissue paper
    • Scissors or a shaped paper stamper
    • Glass object that can fit a candle or flowers
    • Flat paint brush
    • Magazine/Newspaper

Let’s get started!

IMG_5879Step 1:

Pick your desired colors for your mosaic creation! Chose at least 3 colors.


Step 2:

Then chose your desired shape! Since my square stamper decided to malfunction during this project, I chose triangles for my shape to give my piece a classic mosaic look. The easiest way to cut triangles is to fold the tissue paper into a small rectangle. Then cut the  corner of the tissue paper. you will notice that this will give you multiple triangular pieces and save you lots of time! Set all of your color tissue papers aside for later.IMG_5884

IMG_5885 IMG_5886

Step 3:

Lay out the magazine or newspaper over the surface area that you are doing your project on. Pour your Modge Podge into a cup and take your paint brush. Put a thin layer over a large amount of your piece.


Place the pieces of tissue paper on the area that you have coated with Mod Podge. Then carefully put another layer of the Podge over the tissue paper on your glass. Try to brush the glaze in the same direction so the glaze dries with an even texture. Once you have completed that area, finish the rest of the glass piece. Once finished, let the piece dry for 30 min. Then if you wish, do a 2nd layer of tissue paper to add to the mosaic look. In the picture below I did two different vases with different colors.

IMG_5889IMG_5891 IMG_5892

Step 4

Add your favorite scented candle or flowers and sit back and enjoy the beauty of your zested masterpiece!

IMG_5927IMG_5914IMG_5898 IMG_5940

Thanks everybody! Until next time!

Have a wonderful week…



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