Meet Our Intern Kristina



What inspires me?

I am inspired by nature and the outdoors. I love hiking and thinking of creative ideas from the natural beauty around us. Being outdoors is therapeutic in that it allows me to clear my mind and put things is perspective. 


This is my backyard.  It reminds me of a garden café.  The various plants, flowers, and vegetables give it a tropical, yet “homey” feel. 

Favorite bite?

My absolute favorite food is dessert. Specifically, Moose Tracks ice cream. Ice cream is the best, but I do love to get creative with my cooking.  I enjoy coming up with unique combinations using the random ingredients in my fridge.


These are the chickens that live in the backyard! They’re always cluckin’ around the yard, and make great eggs!

 My favorite color?

Deep Magenta, (the color of Bougainvillea flowers).  


What is my favorite design trend?

I am into the whole retro style.  I enjoy incorporating retro pieces into a theme or design to bring past styles into modern ones.  

My house is decorated with different pieces from garage sales and old (but clean) furniture.  The randomness is what makes it unique and my own.  


This is my living room in creativity mode!  I love fooling around with paints when there’s no purpose, it’s a good way to wind down and ease the mind!

Favorite wedding trend?

My favorite wedding trend is the idea of emphasizing the design around the bride’s personal interests rather than centering the event to traditional ways. I think a theme that accentuates the bride’s (and groom’s) personality makes the event unique and special.

What excites me most about Zest it Up?

I am excited to learn more about incorporating my creativity into the food and catering aspect of events. I have had experience in the food and beverage industry and I am looking forward to being exposed to the design side of things.  I am also thrilled about working with this creative team.  I know I will become inspired by these girls and am excited to see their perspective and learn their techniques on design and catering. 


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