Master Bedroom Make Over

Find & Fix it Friday

I have been egging you on for quite a few weeks now into some sneak peeks of my bedroom makeover. Well with no further ado I will give you the grand tour! You will recognize many projects, to view them simply click on the links and see how the puzzle all fits together to make my new master bedroom- whoop whoop!!


bedroom renovation_0185bedroom renovation_0186bedroom renovation_0187


To learn how I made this sunburst wall, go HERE.

room re-do_0000

To see some tips and tricks to making your own wall art gallery go HERE.

room re-do_0001

To learn how to make your own little terrarium go HERE.


Want to know how I upcycled this plant stand? Go HERE. Or how about how to rewire a thrifted lamp? Go HERE.

refurb light_0006

plant holder_0000

room re-do_0002

Want to make this cute quote frame? Go HERE.

room re-do_0003room re-do_0004room re-do_0005bedroom re do_0001bedroom re do_0002bedroom re do_0003bedroom re do_0004bedroom re do_0005

I absolutely love the new space, hope you do too!


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