Mason Jar Pumpkin Decor

Mason jars- we have talked about my addiction in the past, whelp- I use them as everyday drinking cups which is great because I have lots of sizes, they are easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about breaking them because they are easy to find- but lets face it- I am left with a bunch of lids…what to do with them? Make a wreath? Hmm how about we get in the spirit of fall since it is October after all.


First I strung all the mason jar lids (every other gold and silver lids) on a piece of twine and then tied it, but it was too loose, see?


So instead I decided to use a rubber band to make the pumpkin tighter, also used a paperclip to fasten…

masonjarpumpkin_1956Nice and tight now….see?


Now time for the leaf and stem- cinnamon stick and burlap?

Ahhh soo cute!!!!


I think I am officially ready for Fall- now I just need these heat waves to cooperate so we can all bust out the cider and scarfs!

Thanks for Zestin


  • craftingbydominique - I officially thank whoever is in charge up there for all those creative souls. Long live the Creativity!ReplyCancel

    • zestitup - Haha you are too cute! Thanks for all your encouragement- we hope we can inspire people to think outside the box 🙂ReplyCancel

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