Masking Tape and Shoe Polish Aged Bottles

Ya pretty sure the title says it all?! Ha who would have thought that you could put such random items together for such a cool look?? My amazing Mother in Love- PAULA. Check out her zestin, these would be great gifts for christmas or really anything- so simple and inexpensive but unique and personal!!

IMG_2824Supplies: you will need masking tape, shoe polish, an empty bottle, and if you want some cute printed duct tape (you can get that at Michaels).


Collect your bottles, the cooler the shape the better the look! Generally alcohol bottles are best- here is patron, milagro also has a really nice shaped bottle or even your good old wine bottle will do! (looks like you might have to make a couple drinks with friends to empty that sucker) tee hee

IMG_2822Start taping away! Put on a good movie or some good music and tear/tape away. The smaller the pieces and the more you overlap the better texture and visual appeal your bottle will have.

IMG_2821Then rub shoe polish over tape and let dry! For this one she added some Zestin’ with our business card and some scrapbooking embellishments.

IMG_2825Done with leopard duct tape….

IMG_2826And we cant forget little lucy! Yep this sits by my husbands sink in the bathroom, boy is he a sucker for our little now. 🙂

IMG_2827And here is a personalized one just for my desk! Thanks mom!

These would be cute as is with decor, a piggy bank, or even make two and use them as candle holders for candlestick on your dining table- the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for zestin’ with Sam and Paula!


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