Let It Shine

If you have been reading Zest it Up for any length of time, you will know that we have an almost intrinsic gravitation towards reusing and recycling.  I don’t think it really stems from anything political or esoteric….we simply love the process of creativity in re-envisioning something seen as having reached it’s end of use or beauty.

With this being said, we were super excited to have the opportunity to “reuse” many of our prop and design elements from the Rotary Ball in February for the San Luis Obisop Christian School fundraising dinner Let It Shine!

382220_4752543379960_1623402630_nThe real beauty of this was that I had a chance to bless the staff and parents of my children’s school.  With an enrollment of only 70+ children, our little school has been an awesome community for our family…..and this was a fun way to show my love!  So, here is the transformation.

Blank slate:


With the help of several other mothers, we pushed a 20 foot ladder around the room to hang fabric from the ceiling in strategic places and drape twinkle lights for magic.  The result was a softening of the space’s rather hard, industrial feel.

20130316_171351Things were definitely glamed-up!




The night truly felt magical and elegant with the sharp black table linens, the twinkle lights and candle light, and the incredible food from Buona Tavola.

75531_4752029767120_746053138_nWish you had been there right?  Well, the excitement of the night continues due to the amazing efforts of so many families who pulled together an awesome online auction with over $70,000 worth of merchandise.  Not to shabby, right?  Check it out, ‘cuz the  online bidding has begun!

Special thanks to the moms of SLOCS!

894574_10151489172962210_1078664584_oAnd “YAY” for another successful Zest it Up night…..so much fun!


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