Last Chance Liquor


As many of you know Chanda and I are constantly on the run- from one event to the next we are juggling 2015 weddings amongst 2016 walk thru’s. It’s a great problem to have- but we often forget to feed ourselves amongst the chaos. Yep caterers who don’t feed themselves- lol. With that said, after a walk thru out in AG we were quite hangry- so when we saw the shining words “deli” we knew it was our last chance before we ran off to more zesty meanings and a potential food headache. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked out with some tasty sandwiches and were greeted with great service. Last Chance Liquors is a great little mom & pop deli and liquor store located just on the end of the Arroyo Grande downtown area. It’s literally your last chance before you head out to the lake and the hills of the country….


walk on in and order up your liking…


there are lots of “on the go” treats


as well as a full liquor store…Last_Chance_Liquors_1393last_chance_liquors_0828

oh and don’t forget your fishing bait when you head to the lake!



grab time! we both chowed on some turkey sammy’s while watching the cars go by





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