Beach Cottage Dream Home

It’s been an eventful few weeks for the Wagner fam! Our beloved sister Meg (whom I haven’t seen for over a year!) came home from Australia to be a bridesmaid in her best friends wedding. The family was so excited to have Meg back home that we wanted to do something special! We rented a house in Laguna Beach (where the wedding was held) …relaxed, giggled, drank, cuddled and played just a fewwww games of Corn Hole:)This little beach cottage was a dream! And even more of a dream?  Being together..

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.30.32 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.30.50 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.31.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.31.09 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.31.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.31.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.32.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.31.49 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.32.31 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.32.01 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-16 at 5.32.13 PMIMG_1323


We played Corn Hole in this backyard for hours! My new favorite game…possible new blog post will be makin a set! It was a weekend to remember. My family was on a love-high for days:)


Until next week!



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