Kakui Sushi in Oakland, CA


I love road-tripping!  I love how each little adventure winds up looking so different, based on who you are traveling with and where you are headed.

This gem of a sushi place was a nice little surprise that Sam and I found when our tummies were grumbling on one of our trips up north.  If you find yourself in Oakland, CA, it is so worth a drop-by.  I love sushi and could honestly eat it just about everyday without growing tired.  So, when I discover a good sushi place I feel like I won the lotto.  Kakui Sushi is just that….no it’s not just good, it’s pretty awesome.  At least that is my interpretation when sushi is highlighted in a creative seasonal menu that reflects not only the flavors of the local farmer’s markets, but the truly creative cuisine of Japan.  Move over California rolls…Kakui has a little more BAM!

Kakui Sushi in Oakland CA_0330

The environment is quaint with clean lines and nice lighting…perfect for girl-pal convos or a great date night.

Kakui Sushi in Oakland CA_0328

It was kind of fun for us to share our love of Nigori, the slightly sweet, unfiltered sake with our bud, Arielle.  It is so smooth and delightful when served chilled.  If you aren’t a sake person, you should give this a try!

Kakui Sushi in Oakland CA_0331

We had fun splitting a few different plates from their fall/winter menu.  It was wayyyy to difficult to choose just one, so we family-styled it (like usual).

Kakui Sushi in Oakland CA_0332

Gobble, gobble.  Introducing the magically disappearing sushi on our plate!  LOL

Kakui Sushi in Oakland CA_0329

Now that Kakui has developed their spring menu, I think I am ready for another trip up north!

Kakui Sushi - Spring Dinner Menu

Yummy, right??  I am hankering for the shishito peppers and the corn karaage with wasabi salt.  Ummm, “hello” and get in my mouth!  Wash it down with some awesome sashimi and nigori, and we are in business!  Thank you Kakui for being rad!

Sushi lovers unite!



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