Industrial Pipe Office Wall Organizer

You know how it is…you start with one project and then you find yourself scampering down the rabbit-hole of multiple projects in order to flesh out your first creation.  Such is the case with our office.  We loved that midcentury beauty from yesterday so much, that we kept up with the mission of beautifying our organization.  The next creation plays on the trend of industrial piping and wire baskets.  Two things that definitely make us dreamy!

We are calling this project a “Find & Fix it” because we literally found ourselves salvaging through stuff we had on hand to make this organizer come to life.  You will see what I mean….

paper filing wall_0001


pipe to measure the desired length of organizer

2 elbow pieces

two male connectors

2 mounting plates



a level

some large S-hooks from the hardware store

whatever you have on hand for organizing! (wire baskets, pots, etc)

p.s. Did I make you laugh at my attempt at sounding like an expert when naming the hardware….geeze!  Hahaha, I strongly recommend just doing it Ikea status: look at the pix! 🙂

paper filing wall_0003

Ok, here we go.  This is really just about measuring.  We used a connector simply because we only had two small pipes on hand and we wanted the organizer to be bigger.  Start by measuring and mounting your plates to the wall.  It’s important to use a level here, so that your very horizontal line does not look like the sinking Titanic!

Then play around with screwing all the pieces together (It is super important that you breathe peacefully here, because this can be a pretty darn frustrating step…but it works out in the end!)

paper filing wall_0002

Now, frantically run around your house and see what you can make work with the S-hooks.  Bahahaha, this is the fun part!
kitchen organizing hanger_0000

Happy smiling faces over here at the Zest office!  So loving the chic organization 😉  I know it’s not January, but I hope you are feeling inspired to get your space dialed, too!!


Chanda & Sam

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