How to Remove Wax from Fabric

Find & Fix it Friday

This might be one of my favorite Find & Fix it posts.  It is fast, simple and literally saved me when I was a young bride whose dang kitty had knocked over a molten red candle all over our beige apartment carpet.  That was a serious “Yikes!” moment for me.  Fortunately, somebody had already told me about this neat trick….I just was not planning on having such a dramatic trial run.  To my major relief, this technique actually returned my carpet to it’s boring beige self in no time.  I have been hooked ever since.

Obviously, when one of our servers held out a Zest jacket with big sorry eyes because there had been a mishap with collecting candles up at the end of a wedding, I was just a little excited to share this secret.  It is always fun to let peeps know that “it ain’t no big deal!”  She was so relieved and I was like, “Hey, thanks for giving me an idea for a post!  I bet a ton of peeps have not seen this trick!”


So, here it goes.

Grab your wax stained article (again, I have done this on carpet as well).  Then, grab a roll of paper towels and an iron.


Fold up several layers of paper towels and place them over the dried wax.  Now, simply iron away.  As the heat melts the wax, you will see the paper towel wick up the wax pretty darn quickly.  Just iron away until there is none left, getting fresh paper towels when needed.


Like magic, the jacket was saved!


I hope this stops any future tears from spilt candles!  Just in time for Autumn….oh I cannot wait to start cozying up with some cold weather candles.



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