Homemade Tea Bags

I am not much of a coffee drinker since the acidity doesn’t agree with the tum tums, but tea- oh yes tea is where it is at. Iced or hot, bring it on! I am constantly making sun tea (even on the days when it’s not sunny out). I always have a good stash on hand when it come to tea since after all you never know your mood- need a pick me up or a cool down? Tea is the answer. Plus we are always having people come to our home to stay (kinda the deal when you get to live in such a beautiful town and you happen to have a few spare bedrooms). So with that, we often need to keep the cupboard stocked for our little “b & b.” Today we are going to make our own tea bags that will be the perfect addition to my tea stash, but I won’t stop there. These tea bags would be great party favors, mother’s day gifts or even the perfect personalized addition to a tea party.


Cheese cloth

Loose Leaf tea



homemade tea bags_0000

First cut your cheesecloth into strips that are about 8″ by 8″ and then fold to double up the cloth.

homemade tea bags_0001homemade tea bags_0002

Place about 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea in the center of your cheesecloth…you can have fun with flavor combos too!

homemade tea bags_0003

Next bundle up your tea with some string to make a little sachet…

homemade tea bags_0004homemade tea bags_0006

Time to attach the tags and make some fun sayings to make peeps smile extra while drinking their tea….

homemade tea bags_0007homemade tea bags_0008homemade tea bags_0009

SO easy and yet so personal and fun!!

The perfect addition to our little nason ranch b & b!



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