Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have just spent an hour rummaging through all of our media library (a virtual “memory lane”) and I am now brimming with thankfulness this morning!  And all before the Macy’s Day Parade even begins!  Hold a minute….gotta pause writing this post while I watch the parade with my hubby and munchichees.  So excited for all the dancing!  And the balloons!! Ok, back now, and time to share with all you lovely zesters, just how thankful Sam and I are this 2013 Thanksgiving.  This has been a huge year in our lives, and we want to say a BIG “THANK YOU” to all who have played a major part in it all!  You have all been key to us inching our way closer to our dreams! xoxo First and foremost!  We want to say how much we are thankful for our gorgeous husbands who have been the life-force of Zest it Up….filling in as “Mr. Mom”, bartender extraordinaire in a pinch, heavy lifters and grips to all sorts of events, sacrificers of Saturday nights and garage space, amazing household helpers and homework tutors, video techs, guinea pigs of recipes, and just flat out awesome cheerleaders!  We love you SO much! photo(9)IMG_6757-1024x1024We love having fun with you and tackling all our adventures! We are thankful for all our family…all our beautiful munchichees included: my leggy Lindley, my fierce Conall and my precocious Evangeline, and Samantha’s zesty Lucy and hefty Franklin!!  You guys rock!  We adore you and are so thankful for all the laughter, the snuggles and meaning in our lives! dsc_1640dsc_1433img_4212photo(14)photo(4)Our family has made our lives full and blessed….but so has Zest!  Thank you to everyone else who has made that possible.  A special thanks to all our beautiful interns who made our summer so memorable! p5031143OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaylerenerle.comTaylerenerle.comphoto(11)photo(12)It was awesome laughing with you, working hard, and zesting up all sorts of events and spaces!  You guys are amazing and lovely….we cannot wait to see what you accomplish and conquer!!  You succeeded in making a very crazy wedding season fun! Lastly, but obviously not least, we are humbly grateful to all our beautiful brides and lovely grooms…thank you for trusting us to bring your dream celebrations come to life.  Thank you for having us on your most precious day.  We are beyond honored….. 486734_634582333222070_2052994992_n Jolene and Casey, thank you…..   photo(7)941161_498957743518580_1060516285_nJulianne and Stephan, thank you…. Ben-and-Erin-Erin and Ben, thank you…… Gaeta weddingMichelle and Tony, thank you…… IMG_6867-768x1024Nicole and Travis, thank you……. 1410848_540308892715755_512735061_oShama and Dave, thank you….. 1082507_10201651587120347_936262885_oHaylee and Nolan, thank you….. 1172372_10201321291207643_405324420_oValerie and Kingsley, thank you….. photo(8)558818_10201510731562079_2129753942_n-1Brooke and Caleb, thank you. You made our wedding season something to truly be thankful for!  And let’s not forget all the fabulous parties that we were invited to ZEST, from graduations to retirements to birthdays….. photo-54photo-31photo-7img_4401photo(5) IMG_6745(pp_w645_h483)And to all our readers!  Thank you for being on this ruckus journey with us….it has been such a blast and it is only the beginning!!!!  We love you guys!  Your support of us is felt, so thank you! And for a last thanksgiving….I am am so thankful for this nerd!! IMG_6538-768x1024Sam, you have become my best friend as we have lived out family tragedies, family celebrations, crazy work hours and adventures, goofy and hilarious laughter, true moments of heartfelt sharing, and ummmmm, let’s not forget our key lime obsession!  Thank you for our key lime pie!!!! photo(6) Ya, we both are rockin’ key lime pies for thanksgiving….unconventional, but it is seriously our addiction. happy_thanksgiving   So much to be thankful for!!  It is awesome!  Happy Thanksgiving y’all!! xoxo Chanda & Sam img_4391

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