Happy Easter!

Seasonal Sunday:

Happy Easter Zesties! No matter how you celebrate Easter, we have some fun and easy Easter Crafts, Printables and ways to spice up your day! All links to the original posts can be found below the pictures!

To quickly spruce up your table or family gathering consider adding these Bunny Napkins or creating a Jib-Jab!

DIY Easter ideas_0015

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  Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

General Easter Kid-Friendly Crafts & Activities

Shaving Cream Painted Easter Egg Card

DIY Easter ideas_0007


Happy Easter coloring pages!

DIY Easter ideas_0016


Science Experiment with Eggs: can be a great family challenge, start with the youngest & smallest member of the family and see who if anyone cracks the eggs. I recommend getting the flats from Costco.

DIY Easter ideas_0010



Resurrection Rolls: a tradition that my family does every year to remember the story of Jesus. Check out the recipe on the link below! They are super quick, interactive & AMAZING!

DIY Easter ideas_0011


Visual ways of communicating the Easter story to kiddos

DIY Easter ideas_0014

Both of these images are printables! Check them out here 8 | 9

Here are some more coloring pages!

DIY Easter ideas_0004


Local Adventure

Check out Shell Creek Road or head out to Montana De Oro to see the wildflowers! Below are some pictures I took recently when I visited. I was a littttle excited by the wildflowers to say the least haha.

DIY Easter ideas_0006

Happy Easter Zesties! I hope your day is full of joy & peace!



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