Handcrafted Cocktails at Sidecar


This little establishment will be worthy of two posts for sure!

Sidecar in SLO is a fabulous treat for any meal, but it quite literally “puts on the Ritz” when it comes to cocktails and little noshes.  I have some pretty mad respect for any watering hole that serves up gorgeous concoctions using home brewed sours, tinctures and shrubs.  Especially when they are alongside some cleverly crafted eats!




My Sidecar Pisco Sour was such a treat!  How could you not feel glamorous celebrating absolutely ANYTHING with something this gorgeous and delightful??

coffee | pomegranate pisco porton | house sour | grenadine | egg whites | angosturo bitters | up


California Deviled Eggs

avocado | house ranch | bacon | fresh jalapeno | chive

You have never seen a tapas disappear this fast!  So good!  You had me at jalapeno and bacon.


Fried Brussel Sprouts

garlic aioli | bleu cheese | balsamic reduction | fresh thyme

If you have heard anything about Sidecar, I can pretty much guarantee that it had something to do with this dish.  I love that they have created something absolutely sinful out of a vegetable that was more than unfashionable ten years ago.

Get up and get going peeps!

If you are anywhere close to the area, you have got to do dinner or AT LEAST happy hour.  This uber cool restaurant makes any day feel like a celebration!



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