Halloween Alcove Display

Seasonal Sunday

Boo! Happy Almost Halloween!

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For this weeks seasonal sunday I decided to spookify my living room mini alcove! I must admit with this blog post I got TOTALLY carried away and still want to add more to it! In particular, I want to replace the fake pumpkins with real ones and some how add some candles. Anyways, I started with the vision of the Happy Halloween, some pumpkins, and incorporating little lights I found at dollar store. After cutting out the Happy Halloween everything else sort of evolved as I searched my craft chest for supplies. Below are the supplies I started out with.

zest test_0025

I began with the textured paper, using the black velvet for the Happy Halloween, it was a bit complicated to write the P’s and N backwards…but I eventually figured it out!

zest test_0032

Once the letters were all cut-out I used double sided tape on the back of the letters and began sticking them to the alcove wall.

zest test_0034

I then cut out my pumpkins and bats! I used a faux alligator skin textured paper for the bats and hung them using cinnamon floss I recently got from the dentist.

zest test_0029

Next, I used double sided tape to attach the “spider webs”. I also put ribbon along the bottom of the alcove and used pushpins to keep it in place, after I strung small L-wire lights through the mini graveyard that was created with moss and sparkly black tomb stones. I used the pumpkins to hide the battery pack.

zest test_0030

zest test_0036

zest test_0033

zest test_0037

zest test_0040

zest test_0038

Here is the final product!

zest test_0035

Happy decorating!

– Kristi

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