Full of life Flatbread, Los Alamos


A few weekends ago we took the boys to Santa Babara for the Ultimate Wine Run- to read about that adventure go here. But on the way home we made a lunch pit stop at Full of Life Flatbread. Have you heard of them? Well 336 Yelp reviews later- they are BOMB.com!! We fully enjoyed Sunday Funday munching on delicious homemade flatbreads….

full of life flatbread_0015

Los Alamos is the cutest little town- have you explored it yet??

full of life flatbread_0000full of life flatbread_0001full of life flatbread_0002

There were SO many items on the menu making us drool but we narrowed it down to a few favorites…

full of life flatbread_0003

Billy got daring and tried the Apple, beet carrot ginger juice (complete with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and sparkling water) -yum!

full of life flatbread_0004

Mushrooms and onions up first!! It was SOOO yummy and we were loving the crust!!

full of life flatbread_0005

Next we switched gears to the avocado flatbread topped with pepitas and cilantro, so fresh and green!

full of life flatbread_0006

Last we gobbled up the prosciutto flatbread that had a fresh fried egg hiding under all that yumminess!!

full of life flatbread_0007

The back patio was so cute and quaint, they actually were hosting a baby shower at the time. Check out their garden too!!

full of life flatbread_0008full of life flatbread_0009full of life flatbread_0010full of life flatbread_0011full of life flatbread_0012

The inside of the restaurant was just as lovely with a super fun bar and open air pizza oven where you could watch them cook up your flatbread.


I hope you get a chance to get out to Los Alamos and explore all the town has to offer, I know we will be back for a day trip and more yummy flatbread!!



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