Fruit Veggie Centerpieces

Hmmm so it is 11:56 and no post for the day yet???? Gasp- well you curious what I am up to instead…check it out….

photo copy 2Empty baskets for the Mountainbrook Luncheon on saturday….photo photo copy photo copy 3They are suddenly full beautiful baskets with some zest (literally) from radishes to limes and lemons, avocados, purple onions, strawberries, grapes and artichoke- this certainly is a “fresh” design 🙂 (sorry it’s late and I am cheeeeesy)

These centerpieces are a great alternative to flowers which will be more pricey and die within days- here we still get great color and get to put the centerpiece to use after with some cookin’

Now off to make some yummy cinnamon & sugar tortilla chips for the Bridal Fair on Sunday- hope to see you there! Get your tickets in advance!!


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