Freezer Meal Swap Party

Thrifty Thursday:

Say what?!?  A Freezer Meal Swap Party??  Yep, been there, done that!

Perhaps this little tid bit about me makes perfect sense, considering that I am now a caterer.  I guess it figures that I would be drawn to any social gathering that centers around food…and food in quantity!  Ha!

Actually, I first joined a few of my friends in this venture of Freezer Meal Swapping when I was a new mom.  The reality of having to cook dinner every night, despite being exhausted from the adventure of mommyhood, was daunting even for me!  Fortunately, I was blessed with some friends who were way more gifted in organization and planning.  As an exhausted creative who typically thrives in chaos and under pressure, I was curious if joining would help me with my little fatigue issue and simplify my life.  It seemed so domestic and ordered that I was not sure that I would jive.  It turns out that not only did it simplify my life, but it gave me a great excuse to get out of the house and have a girl’s night….oh, and it turned out to be SUPER thrifty!  Kind of a win-win-win.  Especially since New Year’s resolutions are quick at our heels and so many of us are looking to slim down our waistlines while we slim down our expenses.

ef14d0f743054cf20ae119b124d48de1via Kelly from New Leaf Wellness

There you have it: save time, save money, get creative, and simplify your life!

In the above article, they recommend that you keep the swap time short and sweet.  However, I personally loved having some girl-time as we exchanged meals.  This is how it works:

  1.   Get a group together.  It works nicely if you have 5-7 ladies, aka one week’s worth of meal variety.
  2.   Plan a date, time, and whose house will be the meeting place.  Sometimes is works best to pick a similar day each month (the second Thursday of each month or such)
  3.   Make a list of any food allergies to avoid.
  4.   Figure out the recipe that you want to make…and then make that recipe 5-7 times in quantity.  Get creative here, Pinterest can be your best friend!best-and-worst-freezer-meals-copy-764x1024
  5.  Now prep all those meals for the freezer.  Kelly offers some great freezer cooking tips!  Also, print out a quick “how-to cook” the freezer meal that you have prepared…temperatures, technique and time.
  6.   When the day finally arrives for the swap, load up your igloo and get ready for some girl time.  (Maybe have the host house switch from month to month so that the same person does not have to frantically clean her house everytime).  Sit back with your friends and have a glass of wine or tea and some chocolate while you gab away (in a kid-free zone lol).  When you are all talked out, mosey on over to your igloos, swap out meals and head home to your pillow where you will sleep sweetly knowing that you are so cool that you now have a freezer stocked full of awesome home-cooked meals!

And that’s a wrap!

Let us know if you give it a try.  We love to hear about women getting together and making things happen!



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