Framed Table Numbers

img_0296Sam here, meet Heather and Wesley- aren’t they adorable? They tie the knot this Sunday June 16th!!! We are so excited to “Zest up” their wedding!! We have the opportunity to design and make her seating chart, check out our initial ideas at our table numbers pinterest board. We decided that the cute frames with yellow fabric backgrounds and malibu blue numbers would fit their theme the best, simple but yet handcrafted and fun.

IMG_5183Started out by collecting frames (mostly 5×7’s) from thrift stores and garage sales- making them all $1.00 or less each. (I collected 20)

IMG_5184Next it was time to peel off price tags and remove the backs and glass…

IMG_5186They made for quite a collection of bracelets! (easiest way to carry them all out to be painted 🙂 )

IMG_5187Next I sprayed painted them white…I did the front and back seeing as they will be on a table with people seeing the back.

IMG_5225In the mean time while they dried I started cutting out my fabric, those roller fabric cutters really make you LOVE life more (thank you brittany’s mom!). They are kinda like a pizza cutter, you can buy one at your local Michaels. I used three different yellow floral prints for the background.


After cutting the fabric I glued it down with fabric glue to the back of all the frames.

Next I spray painted the wooden numbers that I bought from Beverly’s Craft Store with “lagoon” colored spray paint that was purchased at Home Depot.


photo copyphotoEasy as 1, 2 3! Turned out so cute, we can’t wait to see them in action!

I also designed their main seating chart in indesign and photoshop and added it to a cute vintage old frame.

photo copy 3photo copy 2Congratulations Heather and Wesley, we are so excited for you and wish you many blessed years of love!


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