Find & Fix it Friday: Soup Cans for the Teach!

I completely realize that this project is a day late and a dollar short for your kid’s school Valentine Day party….but it will be a great project to file away for the pending Teacher Appreciation Week.  So, all is not lost!

As usual, I was hmmm-ing and haa-ing about what gift to create for my kid’s teachers for their very special Valentine.  I had perused Pinterest on a quest for something special that a teacher would totally dig.  Opting out of a big red delicious apple, I decided upon the other stereotypical imagery: the #2 pencil.  After a quick ransacking through the recycle bin, I found these beauties:

DSC_3599As you can see from the photo, I was already filling it with potting soil.  A quick trip to the nursery and I was set….mission gifting our teachers for Valentine’s well under way!

DSC_3603Plant-wise, I knew that I was going to want succulents…for both their ease and their color!  The trick, after choosing the perfect shades of pink and red, was to search for some complimentary companion plants. Scanning over all the selections at the nursery, I found both “mondo grass” and flowering “candy tuft” for adding color and draught tolerance (since I knew that heavy watering would rot my new succulents).

DSC_3602DSC_3608Next, I hunted down a large, wide rubber band.

DSC_3604DSC_3606Then, my little helper joined me in opening up 64 #2 pencils.

DSC_3605Sliding them in one by one, our little project was shaping up nicely.

DSC_3609DSC_3610DSC_3612DSC_3613Once I had completed the circle, I busted out my hot glue gun, along with some ribbon trimmings.

DSC_3617Once I had glued the ribbon in place, completing the circle, I slipped my rubber band off and opened up my chain of pencils…very carefully.

DSC_3618Using some plain-old Elmer’s Glue, I covered the inside of the pencils and then wrapped them back around my can….hot gluing the ribbon to close my circle.  Now, I knew that my pencils would dry in-place and wouldn’t slip whenever the pot was picked up.  I then finished it off with some cute buttons to hide the ribbon edges.
The result was truly special….the kids were so excited about bringing these presents to school today!

DSC_3619DSC_3627DSC_3621DSC_3623DSC_3625DSC_3629DSC_3632DSC_3634Happy Valentine’s Day!!  And remember….this is an awesome little project to revisit this coming Teacher’s Appreciation Day!




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