Find & Fix it Friday: Repurposing for Mother’s Day

Two days ago, I got the heads up that my mother-in-law was headed out our way for an impromptu camping trip along the coast….OUR coast.  My hubby took a couple of minutes to realize that it also happened to be Mother’s Day weekend.  I must admit that he panicked just a bit.  However, when your wife is a junker and repurposer…what is the point of panicking?  Check out the crazy simple gift that I whipped out for my uber talented gardener of a mother-in-law!

20140508_173944A while ago, I picked up this piece at the GoodWill Outlet.  It is a conical center vase with several circular attachments meant for votives.  Who could resist fresh flowers and candlelight.  I decided to pick it up on a whim…and I mean a whim because I didn’t have any direct need or purpose for the thing.

Whenever I discover something that interests me but holds no direct purpose for my needs, I try to create or discover a new purpose for the object.  Case in point, this vase needed to be made-over into a a planter!

At the local Ace Hardware, I picked up plants in an assortment of colors and textures.

20140508_17350320140508_17352320140508_173511Since the center vase had no drainage, I decided that planting an herb as opposed to a succulent would be a safer bet.  I loved the color, shape and aroma of this lime thyme.  For the “votive” circles, I chose a variety of succulents…paying close attention to the variety of color and form.

Planting was a cinch!  Potting soil for my herb, and succulent soil for my little guys!

20140508_17515020140508_17503520140508_17512520140508_17501020140508_17514020140508_174959(1)I think she is going to love it!  At least the gardener and inner-junker in her will think it’s cool.  🙂

Hope this inspires some repurposing!



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