Find & Fix it Friday: How to fix a puppy’s love bite


So you may know. but I have an adorable puppy. Her name is Maya and I surprised Billy with her when he came home from a fire last January. She has been so fun to watch grow and bring lots of laughter to our home….


Little did we both know what a joy and a handful she is!! (I guess that’s the definition of a puppy right??) So as our little 8 month black lab grows we are still training her to stop chewing. I can say she has gotten MUCH better since this incident- but yessss, there was an incident. Maya decided to nibble on my couch, oh ya know she just had to test it out to make sure it wasn’t made of bacon or anything like that.


Now I must say, for being quite the destroyer I really couldn’t have asked her to pick a better spot to chew on. This cushion flips over on either side and she did her damage right in the middle avoiding the seem, oh how thoughtful you are in chewing Miss Maya!! So here we are on Find & Fix it Friday- you ready to see her love bite fixed??


Now I had every intention of sewing this myself, but when I walked into Michael’s Upholstery  to buy my piece of foam to fix the cushion and heard $30 to fix it all- this was music to my ears!!! I quickly handed over my fabric and tattered cushion and am SO happy with the result, drumrollllll……


Turned out so cute!! And this will be our little secret 🙂



HAPPY 4th of July, by the way!!

(chanda and I are in the kitchen right now prepping for a wedding, we know you are jealous)




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