Find & Fix it Friday: Found Crate turned Spice Rack

I love it when two found items turn into something fabulous when they are paired!  So, today’s little project totally jives with me.

First, an embarrassing picture:

diy_crate_spice_rack_0184Ummm, ya….I am a professional caterer and that is what my spice rack actually looked like at home.  Hey, please don’t judge too hard.  I cook in a frenzy all the time.

I am afraid that I viewed this rack at completely utilitarian.  These are my tools, peeps.

Ok, no more defense.  Time to fix the problemo!

diy_crate_spice_rack_0183Have you seen these little bad boys?  I picked them up at the 99c Store.  You heard me right, these cuties literally cost me only 50c a bottle.  So, I obviously bought a ton.

The best part…I had found a crate at a garage sale with cool metal detailing and shelves that worked perfectly.

Oh happy day!

diy_crate_spice_rack_0185diy_crate_spice_rack_0186Not a bad Find & Fix it….super fast AND it organized my life (a major plus when raising three kids and running a business!)  Now, off to balancing life 🙂



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