Find & Fix it Friday: Easy DIY white board

Hello Zesters!! Today’s “find & fix it” can be done in minutes and is so rewarding. Don’t we love the sound of that?? This cute white board would be great for a gift, hung in an office, or even in your bathroom for little notes/reminders!! You ready to get zestin??


  • Frame with glass and backing
  • Fabric measured to frame size
  • Dry erase marker


So I made a few options to inspire you, this little one was made with a paper doilie! So as you can see it does not necessarily have to be fabric, just something cute as your background that fits your theme and style.

IMG_1686SO first I took apart my frame, scored this guy for a buck at the thrift store!!

IMG_1688Next measure your fabric/paper and trim excess edges off to match the frame size and shape.

IMG_1690I think the dry erase board says it all!!

IMG_1683Now for another cute idea, for this frame all you have to do is cover some cork or cardboard with fabric measure to the frame and voila, a cork board!

IMG_1684And lastly now for another white board, but let’s go bigger!!


Got your frame and glass?

IMG_1692Got your fun festive fabric? We scored this dish towel at the thrift store a while back 🙂

IMG_1693Same concept- just simply back the frame with the back that comes with it or even trim and tape!!

Thanks for stopping by to watch what we “find and fix” today!!



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