Find & Fix it Friday: Dressing up my coffee table find

I don’t know if you had a chance to check out my find a couple of Thrift Thursdays back, but let me jog your memory….

IMG_6537Not bad for a $34, right?  Well, the price was right, the storage was sensational (I gained 4 large drawers for my townhouse living room!), and they were crazy sturdy with a wrought iron base.  So, Sam and I loaded them into the Jeep and into my home.  With the wedding season crazy, they remained as they were for over two weeks.  However, this week I finally was able to give them some love.

Sean (my hubby) hated how they looked in the room.  They felt way too yellow for our décor and he just couldn’t warm up to them.  So, this week I gave him a couple of color choices that would work…I said grey, teal or red would work.  He chose red (which I was secretly hoping for)….and then he laughed as I ran into the garage and came out with the perfect red paint.  You have just gotta love projects that do NOT send you off to the store (especially after you have committed to yourself that you would spend the entire day in your favorite sweat pants 🙂 ).

DSC_2944 copy

After a light sanding, I painted two coats of my awesome red with a sponge roller.

DSC_2946After everything had thoroughly dried, it was time to use wax for texture and sealer.

DSC_2952I was awfully pleased with myself….I managed to stay in my sweats, avoid an errand, and bust out a pretty cool accomplishment!  I really love the result 😉




The best part…..Sean walked in later that day and was stunned.  His words: “That is hot!”  Hilarious!  Gotta love a man who cares about interior design LOL



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