Find & Fix it Friday: A Treasure Chest Now Treasure Mapped

Hey there, fellow Zesters!

Question #1:  What do you do when you find a $5 chest in perfect condition?

Answer:  Obviously….BUY IT!

Question #2:  Do you still buy it even though it is an insanely bright cobalt blue?

Answer:  HECK YA!

Introducing our find……

IMG_8053Cute, but that bright blue wouldn’t work for my decor….and it certainly wouldn’t appeal to our bride’s as a rental.  So, what to do?  Well, in true Zest fashion, Sam and I found some cool atlases at the thrift store.  I guess you could call that a double score…at least in my book!
IMG_8978Ohhhh yes!  A little Mod Podge action and we will have a total transformation!

IMG_8055Start by spreading the Mod Podge straight on the trunk, layer on your map, smooth out any bubbles, and then coat the top of the paper with another layer of Mod Podge.

This job took a tad bit o’ perseverance…but it was methodical enough to be peaceful.  The end result was more than a little satisfying!  A simple coat of polyurethane for an added layer of protection, and this baby was done.  Done and fabulous!!


IMG_8994IMG_8996IMG_8997IMG_8995IMG_8998My advice to you: if you ever find some old maps, snatch them up!  This is an awesome and easy technique to give all sorts of accessory pieces an heir of wanderlust.  You could work it with a bohemian edge by using some stain over the maps, or you could keep this clean and crisp for a nautical vibe.  Seriously, the sky is the limit!  So grab some Mod Podge and have some fun:)



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